Heidi took personal interest and would spend 1 full hour reviewing my symptoms, explaining causes and coaching me in diet, supplements and lifestyle changes to improve my health. I started functional medicine consultations in April 2019 with a goal to stop traditional prescription medicines (Rx) as my liver was compromised due to excessive medications as one pill led to another to control harmful side effects. As of January 2020, I no longer take Rx for bipolar, fibromyalgia, over active bladder, antacid and a host of other pills and I'm doing fine as well as I have maintained the weight loss. Thank you Heidi for helping me to regain health and quality of life. May God bless you.

Maria Lourdes H.

I would like to see you at least once a year for the rest of my life.   You have been demonstrable in saving my life.

Greg V.


You are amazing! 

Dr. Heidi Kussmann ND helped me get better! 


I was sick for 2+years after second baby. I went to every single specialist and had every single test western medicine could offer. I feel so much better, I can sleep better, actually eat food and not get sick, have enough energy every day. I am now able to plan adventures with my family, when before I wouldn’t know how I was going to feel or how much my body could handle... 

Heidi listened and solved problems. She could look at me and know what was deficient, which was verified by blood tests, and put me on helpful supplements and diet.

She was able to test for details beyond what western medicine specialist can offer. 

Jessica W.