Here you can find all the details about the lab testing process, and products that are mentioned in my emails, blogs and webinars. 


Lab Test Ordering:

Any lab tests in which you would be interested are possible to order.  I order and drop ship test kits with requisitions directly to your house with complete instructions and detailed information on completing the test.  Where possible we try to use your insurance for payment to the lab directly.  

  • Oncology Labs I Use:

 Liquid Biopsy Options:  When a tissue biopsy is not an option

Currently I recommend your doctor order Guardant 360 and Biocept Labs for approved biomarker testing that can is individualized for your cancer type.  Molecular/circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) testing which is validated for melanoma testing and any solid tumor testing.    I also use Biocept Labs for Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) test, ICC, and FISH tests for the following cancer diagnoses: Invasive/Infiltrating Breast Cancer, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Squamous Cell Lung Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, and Pancreatic Cancer. Additional Biomarkers are available based on your cancer type and circumstances.    These should be done annually for recurrence prevention at the same time as regular follow up imaging, and twice yearly for active treatment.

Fullscript Online Dispensary

On the Fullscript dispensary website you become a member at no charge before ordering.

On the left side of the website click on Catalogue and scroll down to Dr. Heidi Kussmann ND Categories.

Here you will find my favorites for every day use.  

Have a look around and feel free to order.  

Gut Health

Chemotherapy success is better when you have a good gut microbiome.  To understand what the status is for an optimal gut microbiome I recommend stool testing and urine testing.  There are a few lab companies that offer comprehensive results that drive easily implementable changes to improve gut health.  I determine which of the testing options is best suited for the individual and together we go through the results and recommendations for improving gut health.  

Radiation therapy to the gut or other areas also causes collateral damage that can be mitigated with preventative and protective strategies as well as some testing to directly target areas found to be neglected or needing balance.

Surgery can also disrupt gut flora simply by the use of IV antibiotics which are a necessary part to prevent infection and complications.  Recovery of the normal microbiome after antibiotics is a large step in the prevention of opportunistic bacteria or fungi or protozoa.   


Other supportive references for finding healthy products (sunscreen, organic food) for yourself and your family can be found at the Environmental Working Group Website.  This website is a great starting point if you are searching for tested and trusted information to protect you and your family from endocrine-disrupting chemicals, toxic items and additives that are commonly added to food and skincare products.

One particular area of this website I appreciate is their SkinDeep Cosmetics Data.  You may find their Food News informative to finding healthier groceries.  The resources on this site are endless and data driven. 

Food Allergies: