Curcumin: Treatment for Depression, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cancer

Today I am listing the current, ongoing clinical trials (research studies that involve people) about curcumin and the evidence supporting its use in various health conditions with cancer listed first. If you are interested in participating in a trial there is a list below of trials actively recruiting for subject as well.

Curcumin has many positive effects with a very low interaction profile.  That means where evidence is in favor, curcumin may be used with conventional treatment for an additive effect, or an effect that prevents chemoresistance, for example.   This list is for you to review and choose which link to follow that interests you.    Enjoy!

If you want more information about how Naturopathic Medicine can treat your specific condition please use the link above to schedule an appointment.  

Ongoing Clinical Trials – Cancer

  1. Treating HIV infected and non-infected women with high grade cervical squamous intraepithelial neoplasia.

  2. Treatment of Prostate cancer after surgical removal:

  3. Reducing Aromatase inhibitor-induced joint disease in breast cancer survivors:

  4. Preventing Gastric cancer in people with chronic atrophic gastritis or gastric intestinal metaplasia:

  5. Reducing inflammation in patients with ureteral stent inflammation:

  6. Cucumin combined with paclitaxel in advanced breast cancer:

Clinical Trials Recruiting Patients with Cancer:

  1. Patients with biopsy-proven, low risk localized prostate cancer under active surveillance using curcumin  – this trial is enrolling patients at UT Southwestern Medical Center.  NCT03769766

  2. Also recruiting at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charlson:  Curcumin for Invasive Breast cancer primary tumors NCT: 03980509

Published Clinical Trials – Cancer

This next list is specific to the evidence supporting the use of curcumin in different types of cancer:

  1. Enhancing Cisplatin effects in human epithelial cancer: June 14, 2019

  2. Preventing colorectal neoplasia in smokers with 8 or more aberrant crypt foci and adenomas: Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2011 Mar;4(3):354-64

  3. Curcumin in the prevention of radiation induced dermatitis in breast cancer patients:

Published Evidence for Curcumin and Other Conditions:

  1. Osteoarthritis of the knee and curcumin:

  2. Safety and efficacy of curcumin in rheumatoid arthritis:

  3. IBUPROFEN vs curcumin in osteoarthritis:

  4. Curcumin and blood sugar control in Type 2 diabetes:

  5. Curcumin and obesity:

  6. Curcumin and Cholesterol:

  7. Curcumin and cognition and mood in healthy older people:

This is an exciting time for curcumin and affiliated research and new studies continue in development. While this may not be an exhaustive list it is a great start in a much-needed area outside drug therapy research. If you don’t see something current when you read this blog check the website for more current information:

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